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Garden Design Journal
Atherton Residence, June 2019

Residential Design Magazine

Cloverdale Residence, May 2017

Green Building
Sonoma Residence, April 2017

Architecture Durable
Stinson Beach Lagoon Residence, March 2017

Luxe Interiors + Design
“Gold List 2017”, January 2017

San Francisco Magazine

Mill Valley Guesthouse, September 2016

Hupomone Ranch, September 2016

Hupomone Ranch, August 2016

Luxe Interiors + Design
Sonoma Residence, July 2016

Dwell Special Issue, Materials Sourcebook
Carmel Valley Residence, May 2016

San Francisco Magazine
Elmwood Cottage, October 2015

Architecture Bois No.70
West Marin Residence, October 2015

California Home + Design
Hupomone Ranch, February 2015

Architecture Durable

Hupomone Ranch, June 2015

Green Building & Design
Hupomone Ranch, May 2015

Custom Home
Hupomone Ranch, Sustainable Residential Design Award, Spring 2015

The New York Times, Homes
Colorado Ranch, October 2014

Residential Architect
Hupomone Ranch, September 2014

The Contemporist
Branson School Student Commons, August 2014

San Francisco Magazine

Hupomone Ranch, July 2014


Sausalito Hillside Residence, May 2014

San Francisco Chronicle
Hupomone Ranch, April 2014

The Architects Newspaper

Sausaltio Hillside Residence, February 2014

Architecture Durable & Bois
Kentfield Resdience, West Marin Residence, Nov. Dec. Jan. 2014

Rural Modern
; 2013; Kentfield Residence

The Book of Drawings and Sketches: Architecture; 2013; Kentfield Residence

The Sea Ranch: Fifty Years of Architecture, Landscape, Place, and Community ofn the Northern California Coast; 2013

Eco Living; 2013; Kentfield Residence

Custom Home
Kentfield Residence, Merit Award, Fall 2013

Design Today
Sebastopol Residence, August 2013

Wood Design & Building
The Branson School, August 2013

Sausalito Marin Scope,
Sausalito historic remodel, June 2013

Architecture Durable & Bois
Kavner residence, May 2013

San Francisco Magazine
Sanderson, April 2013

California Home + Design, Spring 2013
Residential Architecture Award; West Marin Ranch

Drevo Stavby
Branson Student Commons, February 2013

Architecture Durable No. 10
L’architecture d’aujourd’hui et de demain
Atherton Residence, May 2012

Architecture Durable No. 8
L’architecture d’aujourd’hui et de demain
Colorado Residence, January 2012

SFAIA Small Firms Great Projects 2012
West Marin Ranch, Kentfield Residence

arcCA 1.3
AIA CC Design Awards Issue
Branson School, January 2012

Eco maison Bois
Sebastopol Residence, September 2011

Luxury Home Vo. 2 No. 13
Sea Ranch Residence, August 2011

Country House
Architecture + Design
Colorado and Sea Ranch Residences, July 2011

Szep Hazak
Sebastopol Residence, May 2011

Maisons Naturelles & Bois No. 8
Sea Drift Residence, April 2011

Coastal Living

Sea Ranch 1 Residence, April 2011

Wood Architecture Now!
Sebastopol Residence.  Philip Jodido. TASCHEN, 2011

House in the Landscape: Siting Your Home Naturally
Carmel Valley Residence.  Jeremiah Eck.  Princeton Architectural Press, 2011

Casa International, China
Sea Ranch 1 Residence and Atherton Residence, January 1, 2011

Residential Architect
RA 50, “The short list of architects we love.”
November-December 2010

Small ECO Houses: Living Green in Style
Sebastopol Residence. Cristina Paredes Benitez and Alex Sanchez Vidiella. Universe Publishing, 2010

The Architect’s Newspaper
Atherton Residence, October 27, 2010

Architectural Record

Sea Ranch Residence, October 2010

SF AIA’s Small Firms, Great Projects
September 2010

Architecture + Urbanism, a+u #457
Long Meadow Ranch Winery, August 2010

ArchDaily– online
Branson School Student Commons, August 2, 2010


The Branson School Student Commons, June 2010

A&W Architektur & Wohnen, Germany
Sebastopol Residence, April 2010

Artravel #32, France
Atherton Residence, April 2010

My LOHAS, China
Sebastopol Residence + Atherton Residence, March 2010

Eco Maison Bois, France
Sea Ranch Residence, March 2010

Space, Hong Kong
Sebastopol Residence, February 2010

Wallpaper* Magazine ,England
Sebastopol Residence, January 2010, online

House Traders #31,
Portugal Sebastopol Residence, December 2009

ArchDaily– online
Atherton and Sebastopol Residences, November 2009

Contemporist – online
Sebastopol Residence, November 2009

Contemporist – online
Atherton Residence, October 2009

ArchDaily - online
Sea Ranch Residence, September 2009


Carmel Valley Residence, May 2009

Small Firms, Great Projects
Sea Ranch and Carmel Valley Residences, September 2008

New York Times Magazine – LH&E Supplement
Stinson Beach Residence, July 20, 2008

Custom Home
Colorado Residence, May 2008

Residential Architect
Carmel Valley Residence, May 2008

Cottage Living
Mendocino Residence, April 2008

Colorado House, April 2008

New York Times Magazine – LH&E Supplement
Colorado Residence, March 16, 2008

Significant Interiors
Long Meadow Ranch Winery,  January 2008

Architectural Record
Sea Ranch Residence, October 2007

CCAIA Monterey Design Conference 2007

Carmel Valley Residence, October 2007

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
Sausalito Residence, February 2007

International Houses Atlas
Sea Ranch Residence, Colorado Residence. Casey C.M. Mathewson. Feierabend Unique Books, 2007

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
Stinson Beach Vacation Residence, April 11, 2004

American Dream Homes
Private Residence, Spring 2004

Bay Area Style. Sea Ranch Condominium, Teviot Springs Vineyard. David Weingarten
Rizzoli International Publications, 2004

The Sea Ranch. Anderson Residence, Boyd Residence. Donlyn Lyndon, Jim Alinder
Princeton Arch. Press, 2004

Interior Design
Skjerven Morrill LLP Law Offices, October 2003

Wood Design & Building
Bunch Residence, Autumn 2003

Residential Architect
“Light on the Land,” July 2003

American Library Journal
The Hamlin School, Spring 2003

Wood Design & Building
The Wood Design Awards 2003

The Distinctive Home. San Francisco Residence. Jeremiah Eck. Taunton Press, 2003

San Francisco Magazine
Bunch Residence, Paras Residence. November 2002

San Francisco Business Times
San Francisco Residence, Napa Residence. May 2002

Patterns of Home. St. Helena Residence, Napa Residence. Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein, Barbara Winslow. The Taunton Press, 2002

Architecture California
Long Meadow Ranch Winery, Napa Valley Residence, October 2001

San Francisco Residence, October 2001

Home Magazine
San Francisco Residence, September 2001

Wood Design & Building
Napa Valley Residence, Autumn 2001


Napa Valley Residence, June 2001

Wood Design & Building
San Francisco Apartment, Summer 2001

Long Meadow Ranch Winery, August 2000

American Homestyle

Anderson Studio, July/August 2000

Architectural Record
Long Meadow Ranch Winery, May 2000

Hooper Residence, Long Meadow Ranch Guesthouse, October 1999<

American Library Journal
Mill Valley Public Library, Spring 1999

San Francisco Examiner Magazine
Long Meadow Ranch Winery, February 14, 1999

Wood Design & Building
Mount Tamalpais School. Winter, 1999

House Beautiful
Hooper Residence, December, 1998

Johnson Remodel, March 1998

San Francisco Modern San Francisco Apartment. Zahid Sardar. Chronicle Books, 1998

CASA Brutus
Hooper Residence, San Francisco Apartment, Walters Residence. September, 1997

House Beautiful
San Francisco Apartment, April, 1997

San Francisco Examiner Magazine
Trowbridge Residence, February 18, 1996

House Beautiful
Trowbridge Residence, December 1995

New York Times Magazine
Teviot Springs Vineyard, July 1995

Architectural Record
Teviot Springs Vineyard, May 1995

Teviot Springs Vineyard, May 1995

CASA Brutus
Teviot Springs Vineyard, March 1995

House Beautiful
Teviot Springs Vineyard, August 1994

High Ridge Ranch, October 1993

Progressive Architecture
Foothill Student Housing, September 1993

Progressive Architecture
Sonoma Commons, August 1992

Mountain View City Hall & Community Theater, January 1992

House Beautiful
High Ridge Ranch, November 1991

House Beautiful
Swift Caretaker, August 1989

Colorado Residence, July 1989

House Beautiful
Spencer Residence, February 1989

The American Club, May 1988

Architecture California
The American Club, May 1988

Sea Ranch Employee Housing, October 1987